Helmet Cams

Looking for a way to share your live-action adventure with friends and family? Get a first-person view of your epic rides, and upload to laptop or blog as soon as you get home. Check out some of your options below:

To capture those exiting moments, you’ll need a weatherproof camera system like those offered by Helmetcamera or Sportzshot. Both of these companies specialize in durable, wearable cameras for outdoor activities. The camera in these systems mounts or secures to a helmet or hat, allowing you to concentrate on your adventure while capturing the whole thing. The camera connects to a DVR (digital video recorder) or camcorder; this allows you to secure the recording device in a more protected location like your backpack.

Here are a few example setups: 580 POV Sport Camera + DVR from Sportzshot MSRP: $478.00

HC-1 Package with 560 line camera from Helmetcamera MSRP: $599.95

Xtreme DVR Xtreme DVR Waterproof Box Xtreme DVR with Waterproof Box

Or you can add a mountable camera to your existing camcorder, like these: 560 Land, Sea & Air Xtreme Kit from Helmetcamera MSRP: $299.95

580 POV Sport Camera from Sportzshot MSRP: $279.00
In either scenario, it’s a great thing to capture those exiting moments. Check these products out for your next adventure.

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