MagazineDecember 2008Spot personal tracker gives families and friends peace of mind.

Spot personal tracker gives families and friends peace of mind.

Exploring the outdoors sometimes limits your ability to communicate or get help if needed. The new personal tracking device from Spot helps to expand your communications horizons. Spot is the world’s first satellite messenger, and gives you the ability to communicate without cellular towers. It’s a personal tracking device that allows you to alert 911 if necessary, and check in with your party with messages (“I’m OK!”). The folks tracking you can do so via these messages, and also with a Google maps feature that shows them where you are. Spot works around the world, using commercial and GPS satellites to communicate. Anywhere you have a clear view of the sky, it works.

Spot is ideal for anyone who goes outside of phone service to explore: hiking, boating, camping, and mountain biking, backcountry skiing… you name it. Stay safe doing everything you love to do.

Spot MSRP: $149.99

Spot Personal Tracker
Spot Personal Tracker

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