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December 2016


Best in Snow: Top Winter Gear Picks Revealed

Very few people get more days on the snow than Phillip Yates, the terrain park manager for Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Here are his picks for the best winter gear.

Looking Back on Looking Glass

This December marks the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of Looking Glass Rock’s The Nose, a route that laid the groundwork for rock climbing in the granite enriched Southeast.

Hiking Viking Tom Gathman Conquers a Winter A.T. Thru-Hike

The Hiking Viking completes a winter A.T. thru-hike.

Hiking with Paul’s Boots

Friends and strangers carried hiking shoes 2,189 miles in memory of an aspiring thru-hiker.

Pay to Play: Is it Time for ‘Non-Take’ Recreationalists to Pay Up?

Hunters and fishermen have paid for conservation since the ’30s. Maybe it’s time for other outdoor recreationalists to ante up.

Outdoor D-Bags

It’s time to meet the worst people in the outdoor world.