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February 2009


Allen De Hart

Mountains-to-sea trail founder Allen De Hart.

Children of Winter

Ski film legend Warren Miller’s latest flick, Children of Winter, features much of the expected big air action. But this one jumps around the...

Powered By Kudzu

An invasive weed may be our next great fuel.

The Old Ceremony – Walk on Thin Air

The Old Ceremony is the rare band that can write contemplative, artsy rock ‘n’ roll while not coming across as holier than thou. Walk...

Winter Gear Guide 2009: Winter Camping

If there’s one season when you need the right gear for your adventure, it’s winter. Don’t believe us? Try backpacking through Shenandoah National Park in February with a three-season tent and a 40-degree sleeping bag. Or go cross-country skiing wearing all cotton. Hitting the mountains during the winter with the wrong gear is a recipe for misery and potential disaster. But don’t fret. BRO’s 2009 Winter Gear Guide covers the full spectrum of winter goodies, from 0 degree sleeping bags to running tights to snowboards designed for terrain parks.

Breaks Interstate Park

Known as the “Grand Canyon of the South,” the scenic centerpiece of Breaks Interstate Park is the steep gorge that’s cut by the Russell...