MagazineJanuary 2011Fake a conversation with a beer snob.

Fake a conversation with a beer snob.

You’re a Bud Light guy living in a craft brew world. Don’t despair: we talked with James Gass, founder of the Southern Beer Review about how to fake a conversation with a beer snob. Here are Gass’ pointers.

“Bitter” doesn’t mean the same thing as when you use it to describe your ex-girlfriend. Bitter is not a bad thing. It is simply a way to describe, in taste, the strength of hops.

Coporate beer is like the Jonas Brothers: You should never admit to liking it, even if you do.

If a beer snob asks if you want a Blue Moon, it’s a trap. Blue Moon is NOT a craft beer. While it is technically considered a craft beer, it is still brewed by Coors and will get laughed at during the conversation.

Avoid the subject of cheese. Unless you have vast knowledge of cheese, just don’t discuss it. The majority of beer snobs love to pair beer with cheese. It’s better to lie and claim that you are lactose intolerant.

Not all craft beer is good. One of the biggest mistakes that budding craft beer drinkers make is claiming that they enjoy every craft beer they’ve ever had. That’s impossible. Have you ever had Mama Mia Pizza Beer? TERMS TO LEARN IBUs: Basically a number that tells you how bitter a beer is. The higher the number, the more bitter it will taste. Malt or Malty: Malt is used to give beer its flavor and add body to the beer. Malt is usually made from barley or wheat. If someone describes a beer as malty, think of Whoppers, the candy. Body: Term used to describe how heavy or light a beer feels in your mouth. Finish: Fancy word for aftertaste. Ale: Beer brewed from malted barley. The top fermenting yeast is used in these styles of beer so that the beer ferments faster. Lager: Beer brewed with bottom fermenting yeast so that the beer ferments at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time. WEB EXCLUSIVE

Strange Brew: See podcasts of James Gass reviewing craft beer (including the Mama Mia Pizza Beer) at

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