MagazineJanuary 2011When have you been a champion?

When have you been a champion?

Will Harlan

I’m the five-time champion of the Fig Leaf Naked 5K. I go balls-out and run hard.

Nick Noe

Cornhole Tournament in 2006. My first and last day as a professional Cornhole Player.

Charles Leonard

Friends and I did a 12-hour MTB race this summer—without training. Champions of getting what we deserved.

Christa Albano

The time I won seven games of beer pong in a row.

Jedd Ferris

BRO office ping pong—still undefeated.

Graham Averill

I won “Best Dressed” in elementary school because I wore ties, vests, and loafers every day.

Craig Snodgrass

I took second in a state pie eating contest. I haven’t been right since.

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