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July 2004


Cool Haunts

Atmosphere can certainly make or break your musical experience. Fortunately in the Blue Ridge to complement our burgeoning acoustic music scene we have some of the best intimate listening rooms in the country...

Mtn. Stage Happenings

A September calendar of music events in the southeast.

Casey Driessen; 3D

Casey Driessen has established himself as one of the premier fiddlers on the acoustic music scene. The Minnesota native and current Nashville resident has scored tours and session gigs with acoustic heavyweights Bela Fleck, Steve Earle, Tim O’Brien, and Darrell Scott.

Hump Mountain, TN

Hump Mountain sits on the end of a series of bald beauties in the Roan Highlands along the North Carolina/Tennessee border. The best way to take in the Roan experience is...

Blackwater Canyon: Our Next National Park?

Apparently, death threats aren’t that big of a deal in West Virginia. When a state senator claimed certain environmentalists threatened to kill her and three other people over a piece of legislation that would fund a National Park feasibility study in the Highlands of West Virginia, nobody seemed too concerned.

Deep Creek Lake, MD

The Deep Creek Lake area of Western Maryland is a largely undiscovered cornucopia of natural beauty nestled in the Allegheny Mountains. It’s a little sliver of that West Virginia high country that extends over the Maryland border in Garrett County, centered around the 3,000-acre Deep Creek Lake (the state’s largest) and Wisp ski resort.