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July 2014


One Man’s Fight to Save His Creek, and His Life, with a New Vision for Rural Appalachia

The trouble started when a coal company carved a strip mine into the earth a few miles from his property. Shortly thereafter, in 2012, he and his daughter noticed soccer ball-sized piles of foam drifting in formerly pristine Raccoon Creek and another nameless Ohio River tributary that also coursed through the property. Then the neighbor’s chickens got sick, and wildlife—fish, frogs, deer—began to perish.

Gear: Car Camping Essentials

When I’m heading out for a weekend of climbing or paddling, car camping frees me to focus on the gear and preparedness for my sport, not my camping gear. With that, here are a few Blue Ridge Outdoors picks for some must-have car camping favorites.

Riding the Lightning: Superhero Paddler Adriene Levknecht

Much like Clark Kent, Adriene Levknecht steps away from work and into a phone booth (or more commonly her Subaru CrossTrek), and emerges a whitewater superhero. At the young age of 25, Levknecht has already achieved a Bronze Medal in the World Freestyle Championships, won the elite Green River Narrows Race five times straight, dominated the Teva Mountain Games creek race, and run top tier rivers around the world.

News from the July Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

Street fishing in Ohio, trouble at the Tough Mudder, canoe slalom world championships, and more current news from the Blue Ridge and beyond.

July Letter from the Editor: The Big Five Things That Will Save the Planet

It comes down to this: prioritize health over cheap crap (whether plastics or fast food or fossil fuels), and you’ll be saving the planet, saving money, and saving lives—including your own.

Six Best Weekend Trips in the South

If you’ve already used up your vacation time at work, taking a weeklong trip might not necessarily be feasible. Never fear! You can easily accomplish a week’s worth of adventure and travel over a three-day weekend.