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Fresh Gear: Your Way on the Highway

Travel season is upon us and the following gear will up your experience, whether you are heading out for a long weekend or planning to drive off for an extended adventure.


Megamat Duo 10

Spreading out at 80 x 59.8 x 4 inches in queen size, this monster of a sleeping pad makes your tent feel like home, giving partners plenty of space to stretch out but still feel close. Self-inflating, it’s built of sturdy polyester that’s PFC-free, meaning it will comply with upcoming laws limiting PFAS in outdoor products. $350;


Portable Power Station Cube 2000

Power on demand is essential if you want to hit the road for a long jag. You can work from camp, post all those Instagram glory shots, and keep any other needed electronics humming. Ringing in at a reasonable price point, this portable power station pumps out 2200W of AC power, offering charging capabilities of up to 2048Wh of power in just 1.8 hours. $1,199;


Abisko Trail Stretch Shorts

A good pair of road trip shorts needs to be able to handle a host of situations—from comfort for hours behind the wheel to taking on an impromptu hike to looking good at a new brewpub. Enter these tough, stretchy shorts that can handle a lot of abuse and pack down small in your bag when you’re not wearing them. Bonus: All the materials are PFC-free and Fjällräven guarantees a lifetime of repairs. $125;


Cruise Terry Polo

Straight from the beaches of the Jersey Shore, this shirt has the class to look at home on a sailing trip and guts to mess around back on the boardwalk. Made from 100-percent cotton, it’s ideal for days on the road when you are hopping in and out of the water. $45;

Fuse Lenses

Egmont Azure

We cannot stress how important the right pair of shades are to any road trip—you need to protect your eyes when you’re spending hours staring at that yellow line in the harsh glare of the summer sun. Polarized and color-enhancing, this lens version of our favorite of Fuse’s frame styles is a winner for both the drive and sports ranging from fishing to mountain biking along the way. $80;


14’ Altimus Bell Tent

The road trip itself is a blast but arriving and setting up a base camp that feels like home far from home is the goal. Surprisingly easy to set up, this big tent with room to stand up and seven big airy windows—that can be shuttered in a storm—is just the ticket for a bit of class out in the wild. The BCI cotton and recycled ocean-bound plastic material is water repellent, so you feel good physically and ethically too. $1,130;


Grip Tight Backseat Protector

We love our dogs; we don’t love what those fur babies do to the back seat of our new 4Runner. Rest easy with this cozy seat protector, which will keep your car’s value but still give your best bud a place to curl up on long rides. The material is the same stuff Orvis uses in its dog beds, and its water-resistant, machine-washable, and made with 90-percent recycled materials. $139–$179;



Yep, you need another cooler. Here’s why. Injected molded with closed foam and tipping the scales at just 21.5 pounds, this baby will keep food and drinks cool for days (seven according to Engel) and won’t strain your back when you haul it around camp. A wire basket helps organize stuff you don’t want lost in ice and a divider keeps kid drinks separate from the grown-up beverages. $200;


Aviant Duffel Pro 90

This one bag to haul it all is a road trip godsend—stuff everything you need inside the 90-liter duffel and toss it in the back of your vehicle. The stowable shoulder straps can morph into a carrying handle and compression straps inside help you cinch everything down. $160;

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