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June 2008


Profile: Tim O Brien

A 30-year career has seen Tim O’Brien do many things.

Seven-Year Hiker Daren Wendell

by Jedd Ferris This past spring, Daren Wendell walked away from North Georgia College with everything he owns on his back. His plan—non-stop...

Moonshine in the Mountains

by Jedd Ferris The New Face of an Appalachian Tradition I recently went to a wedding in North Carolina. I was milling around the reception...

State College, PA

On separate occasions State College has been called one of the least stressful and safest places to live in America.

Has coal helped Appalachia?

Coal provided jobs and income for several generations when little else would. While it would be great to phase out its use, the money it still provides to thousands of families will be hard to replace anytime soon.