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June 2011


Do the R-2: Tiny rafts, steep creeks, big fun

R-2 creeking is essentially what raft guides do on their day off. They borrow a small two-person raft from their bosses and push it, scrape it, and paddle like hell through tight rain-dependent creeks in the mountains.

My Favorite River

Boaters pick the best of the Blue Ridge.

How To Disc Golf

The college pastime has grown into a legitimate professional sport. Here’s a primer on hitting the links.

Getting the Band Back Together

A group ride isn’t just exercise. It’s a matter of public health.

River Right

From wide flatwater family fun to raging whitewater rapids, River Right is your guide to water play in the mountains. In following pages you’ll find profiles of featured river outfitters, as well as popular riverside destinations and events.

Switchback Results: Fracking and River Travel

Fracking is the controversial practice of fracturing rock with pressurized fluid to extract natural gas. We asked readers if it should be banned.