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May 2011


Finding My Way (without GPS)

Should you carry a GPS or not? A veteran backpacker weighs in.

Kitesurfing: A Board with Wings

Kite surfing combines paragliding, windsurfing, water skiing, and even skateboarding into one wild ride.

Wild Adventure Races

Assemble a crew and brush up on your navigational skills. Adventure races blend multi-sport competition with backcountry orienteering for a full team experience in the wild.

Home Away from Home

One size fits all? Not when you’re talking about tents. Check out these four new shelters, fit for soloists or big families.

Touch and Go: Can massage make you faster?

Elite athletes have relied on massage for decades, but recently the benefits of sports massage have been discovered by the masses.

Fight Stress Like a Marine. Meditate

The Department of Defense is undergoing a series of studies to discover the practical benefits of mindful meditation, a secular practice that helps develop concentration, on combat Marines and Army Infantry.