Top 40: Snowsports

BRO Snowsports Gear Guide

1. Head AdaptEdge Boot
Custom fit. That’s the story with the Head’s Adaptive Fit technology, which allows the skier to adjust the width of the AdaptEdge Boot with the turn of an allen wrench. It’s a small adjustment (2mm) but skiers know that small adjustments in their boot can make a big difference in the amount of control they have on the slopes.

35. K2 Rival BC Helmet
This lid is built for the backcountry with an innovative beanie liner and a removable shell. What’s the advantage? Ditch the shell when you’re trekking up the slope to keep yourself cool. Re-attach it before you start shredding downhill.

37. MFD Alltime System
Want to hit the backcountry stash without investing in a whole new set of skis? The MFD Alltime might be the answer. This is a plate you attach to your downhill skis that allows you to use your downhill bindings as AT bindings, so you can tour the backcountry with your regular skis. The plate has an integrated free-pivot walk mode and climber bar you can engage with your pole. You’ll still need skins for traction, but this add-on could open up a whole new world of terrain.

36. K2 LockJaw Carbon
These carbon on carbon backcountry poles adjust from 42 to 58 inches on the fly (extend them for the climb, shorten for the descent). The poles also come with K2’s newest bag of backcountry ski tricks: a bubble inclinometer so you can see how steep the slope is that you’re eyeballing. Point the tip of the pole up the fall line and read the slope angle in the bubble. The Lockjaw also includes a built-in snow depth meter.

32. Black Diamond Compactor Pole
Black Diamond revolutionized the trekking pole world with their folding Z-Pole, and the company hopes to do it to the snowsports world with the Compactor, an aluminum four-season pole that folds into three sections for easy storage, and has an extended height adjustment of 20cm. This is your one pole for backcountry snow.

30. Zeal Optics Recon
Ridiculous GPS enabled goggles, you can watch your speed, video, connect to your phone, all through your goggles.

33. Outdoor Research Ambit Glove
In the immortal words of Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, “Hey man, watch the leather.” The leather on the fingers of this glove is TouchTec, which allows you to operate the touchscreen of your smart phone without peeling off your gloves. It’s handy on a cold lift when you want to change your playlist without losing a digit. And as for the actual gloves, they’re built for biting conditions with a fully waterproof insert and toasty insulation.

34. Salomon BBR Ski
Most ski companies have put their innovation into fatter skis that perform better in powder. Awesome if you live in Utah. But what about us East Coast ski bums? Enter the BBR, a front-country ski that tears up the groomed runs thanks to the narrow waist and skinny tail, but floats in powder as well because of the surfboard-shaped tip with rocker. Even better, it’s considerably lighter than most powder skis on the market.

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