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Are You Willing to Pay More for Green Gear?

Illustration by Wade Mickley
Illustration by Wade Mickley

25% Yes
Making a commitment to improving the quality of the environment takes some sacrifices within the society we’ve created. Yes, it costs a little more for a pack that is made with sustainable materials using responsible manufacturing practices, and that is a sad reality. Call me a crazy lefty, but if I can keep an exploited kid out of a sweatshop and reduce carbon emissions by spending a few extra bucks, I’m all for it. I commend outdoor gear companies that have made the commitment to helping the environment, and I will continue to support them whenever possible.
—Jim McDaniel, Baltimore, Md.

75% No
Why should I? That’s the problem with going green. It’s always more expensive, not as efficient, and not in demand. It’s going to have to become cheaper, better, and faster before people really start to make the switch. It’s a matter of simple free market forces.
—Joe McAlister, Greer, S.C.

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