Eat This

Chia Seeds
Endurance athletes have found a new use for your old chia pet. Trend-setting runners are using chia seeds as an energy booster for long runs. The seed is considered a “superfood” that’s high in Omega 3s, fatty acids, and protein, and some research has shown that the seed could lower blood pressure and cholesterol while also helping to build muscle. But can it increase endurance? Possibly. The seed has an uncanny knack for retaining water and transforms into a gel in your stomach that helps slow the conversion of carbohydrates, evening your blood sugar levels and, in theory, prolonging the energy boost you get from eating. Chia seeds were a staple of the Aztec diet, and the legendary Tarahumara runners drink a tea made from the seeds before runs. Pick up chia seeds at most health food stores and try it for yourself.

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