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Bike Commuter Gear Commuting by bike isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. And these products will make that bike commute a little more comfortable and a lot safer.

Light and Motion Vis 360: What’s the number one way to prevent a collision with a car while commuting by bike? Visibility. The Vis 360 addresses this problem at night with a suite of lightweight lights that surround the biker with illumination. Not only do the powerful headlamp and red tail light keep you visible from the front and back, but they also emit a circle of peripheral light that makes you more visible from the side. And you can recharge the lights from your computer via a USB cable. $169.

Specialized Echelon Bike Helmet It protects both your noggin and your bank account. The reasonably priced, featherweight Echelon ventilates superbly and fits snugly. $50.

Planet Bike KOKO Convert your bike into a veritable minivan with the KOKO, a tough and light aluminum rack that fits road bikes, mountain bikes, even 29ers. Adding a rack to your commuter bike will eliminate the need to wear a backpack and open up the possibility of trips to the store, making your bike even more utilitarian than it is now. $39.95, Banjo Brothers Market Pannier Paper or plastic? How about pannier? The Market Pannier is the size of a paper grocery bag, but its heavy-duty fabric and frame will last for decades. With easy on- and off- mounting, long handles, and a shoulder strap, it’s perfect for running errands and visiting the farmers’ market. A large cinch-down flap keeps your produce well covered on the road. $50.

Keen Austin Pedal Bike Shoe Ever forget your work shoes and have to wear bike shoes for eight hours in the office? It’s a torture suitable for the Inquisition. The Austin Pedal is stylish enough to wear throughout the work day, but it has a recessed SPD plate, so you can clip into your bike on the commute. One pair of shoes pulling double duty. $120.

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