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September 2014


Beans, Bikes, and a Bald Guy

That bald guy is the Bald Guy of Bald Guy Brew Roasting Company. His name is Don Cox, and he’s just about as complex of an individual as the third-world coffees he roasts in his little shop in western North Carolina. An Appalachian State University alumnus, carpenter, priest, aspiring cyclist, and “grunt” of Bald Guy Brew, Cox’s diverse array of life experiences and interests can be seen in every corner of the coffee shop.

Jordan Poffenberger: Half the Blade, Twice the Paddler

His boating resume includes hitting Oregon’s 80-foot Metlako Falls (101 feet total from pool to pool), racing the Class V Great Falls of the Potomac, slalom racing Washington’s Little White Salmon, and winning gold at the Freestyle World Championships at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina last year.

September Quick Hits: News from the Blue Ridge and Beyond

All the top outdoor news from the Blue Ridge region and beyond!

How to Land a Job in the Outdoor Industry

How can you get your muddy boots in the door? Follow these simple steps.

Ten Bikers Share the Secrets of Their Two-Wheeled Passion

Getting back on the bike after an illness, a new job, or having babies taught me humility and compassion for myself. I had to fight down the regurgitated acid of what I “used to be able to do,” staring down at a soft belly and fumbling legs while my friends looked back, grinning.

George Hincapie Comes Home to South Carolina After Life on the Pro Tour

Back in Greenville, S.C., it’s all about the future to Hincapie, training his determination on his business ventures, helping to foster a culture of fun, clean cycling in the U.S., spending time with family, and riding bikes. “This area’s got the best cycling in all of the East Coast,” Hincapie says of his hometown.