September 2014

Beans, Bikes, and a Bald Guy

That bald guy is the Bald Guy of Bald Guy Brew Roasting Company. His name is Don Cox, and he’s just about as complex of an individual as the third-world coffees he roasts in his little shop in western North Carolina. An Appalachian State University alumnus, carpenter, priest, aspiring cyclist, and “grunt” of Bald Guy Brew, Cox’s diverse array of life experiences and interests can be seen in every corner of the coffee shop.

Trail Mix: Trampled By Turtles Visits the Blue Ridge with New Material

Trampled By Turtles formed in the small North Country city of Duluth back in 2003 and, like most independent bands, earned its audience with relentless road slogging. While armed like a back-porch bluegrass outfit, the band’s sound is hardly traditional. The group is in fact best known for pouncing on its strings with reckless abandon, riling up crowds with a punk ethos on acoustic instruments.