Casey Driessen; 3D

by Dave Stallard

Casey Driessen has established himself as one of the premier fiddlers on the acoustic music scene. The Minnesota native and current Nashville resident has scored tours and session gigs with acoustic heavyweights Bela Fleck, Steve Earle, Tim O’Brien, and Darrell Scott. Driessen, well established as a sideman, is taking a lead role with the release of his first solo record, “3D.” Supported by a sterling cast of musicians, including Fleck, O’Brien, Scott, and dobro master Jerry Douglas, Driessen’s fiddle leads sonic explorations influenced by western swing, traditional Appalachian bluegrass, and Celtic reels. Driessen pushes fiddle playing into uncharted territory with the drum and fiddle medley of “Snowflake Reel/Done Gone/Cheyenne,” the bluesy “Lady Bowmore,” and the hypnotic, groove-laden opener “Sally in the Garden.” “The Confusion Before Dreams” and “2 A.M. 4:27,” two tunes inspired by the fogginess of late night hours, showcase Driessen’s fiddle playing at its most emotional. With this release Driessen proves he’s not just second fiddle.

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