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Atmosphere can certainly make or break your musical experience. Fortunately in the Blue Ridge to complement our burgeoning acoustic music scene we have some of the best intimate listening rooms in the country to house our bluegrass pickers and singer-songwriters. Here’s a look at some cool music haunts.

Down Home-Johnson City, Tenn.
A mecca for Americana music lovers in Eastern Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, the Down Home packs the best in bluegrass, folk, and jazz into its intimate 150-seat confines.

Gravity Lounge-Charlottesville, Va.

It’s part Internet café, part bookstore, part music hall. Seems like a lot to take in, but in only three years, the cool atmosphere, funky décor, and packed year-round music schedule have helped this venue become a mainstay in acoustic circles.

Ashland Coffee and Tea-Ashland, Va.

In the quiet town of Ashland, just north of Richmond, music lovers sneak up to this hidden gem for an eclectic assortment of caffeinated bevs and string sounds.

Purple Fiddle-Thomas, W.Va.
This rustic mountain market has a country store feel but the menu is mighty progressive with veggie fare and organic beer. Every weekend they get some of the best pickers on the national circuit to drive out of the way into the Allegheny Highlands to play intimate shows for just over 100 folks.

Grey Eagle-Asheville, N.C.
Tucked off of downtown, this not a stop for bar hoppers, so those that visit the venue are there for the music. With new ownership, it’s now housing some the best in rare indie rock, as well as still being a long time home for Asheville’s best singer-songwriters like Malcolm Holcombe and Chuck Brodsky.

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