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Traveler’s Rest

For years Sam Holt was the guitar tech for Southern jam kings Widespread Panic, but a few years ago he ditched post to focus full-time on his own band, Outformation. Traveler’s Rest is the Atlanta-based group’s second release. While certainly mining from the Panic aesthetic of swampy groove rock, the group also demonstrates an affinity for more classic influences like Little Feat and the Marshall Tucker Band. Gruff but catchy Dixie-flavored hooks mix with crunching chords, bayou keyboard vamps, and lingering leads, especially on the opening jam out “Carnac” and the tone-shifting instrumental “Edgewater.” But the band can also tune it down to earth and play a simple Southern rock song. “Winds” has an easy bar room honky tonk swagger, while “Later” sounds like an after-its-time arena epic. This is a case of everything old is new again, but Holt and company certainly have enough originality in their arsenal to warrant a place at the table.

—Jedd Ferris

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