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Water is one of the most basic and simple substances on the planet, yet the hype surrounding the drinking water is maddeningly complex. Tongue-twisting chemicals like bisphenol-A, phtalates, trihalomethanes are being discovered in supposedly pure bottled water. What’s a water drinker to do?

Bottom line: turn on the tap.

According to a new report from the Environmental Working Group comparing bottled water and tap water, bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose where they get their water from, how it is purified or whether it is treated at all. And the bottled water industry acknowledges that as much as 45 percent of bottled water comes from municipal water supplies. And the plastic bottles themselves are cause for concern: not only do they leach carcinogens into the water, but the manufacturing of billions of plastic water bottles is an environmental nightmare. Scientists conclude the tap water is better for the environment and unquestionably easier on your wallet.

That doesn’t mean you should stop there, though. Tap water has its share of problems, including antiquated sewage treatment plants and poor oversight and enforcement of water regulations. Find out where your water comes from, and be vigilant in asking questions about how it is being monitored.

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