Beer Fans Rejoice

For far too long, beer fans have had to fly to the other side of the Mississippi in order to get a taste of New Belgium’s popular Fat Tire Ale. The limited access made the beer a delicacy in Southeast, horded by the lucky few who could get their hands on the fine ale during rare occasions. But now, after years of trade negotiations, Fat Tire is available in the Southeast. New Belgium is now distributing in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Mempish, Tenn. Expect to see an increase in tourism dollars for these cities as beer hounds make the short pilgrimage to plunder their stock.

Really want to show your love for Fat Tire? Join Team Wonderbike, a grassroots campaign started by New Belgium designed to help reduce carbon emissions by promoting the use of the bicycle. Take the pledge, save the world, meet other Fat Tire fanatics.

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