NewswireDaily Dirt: Outdoor News for April 24, 2013

Daily Dirt: Outdoor News for April 24, 2013


Your outdoor news bulletin for April 24, the day Jane Fonda released her first workout video in 1982, sending housewives, and teenage boys everywhere, into a VHS buying frenzy:

Armstrong: Tour de U.S. Government

The Justice Department revealed yesterday their plan to take back the millions of dollars the government spent sponsoring confessed doper Lance Armstrong. From 1998 to 2004 the U.S. Postal Service paid Armstrong $17 million, almost half of the $40 million it spent on its cycling team. The filing says that Armstrong was “unjustly enriched” and call for triple damages assessed by the jury. Armstrong and his team of lawyers plan to fight the lawsuit. His defense only has to prove that his doping did not damage the USPS, while the Justice Department will base its case on the illegal status of performance-enhancing drugs in the competitive cycling and Armstrong’s cover-up of his doping habits.

Breathe Deep that Clean Air

Thank the Blue Ridge for our clean mountain air and enjoy a lungful. The American Lung Association released their annual State of the Air report today, and only Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Cincinnati metropolitan area, which extends into Kentucky, made the list in our neck of the woods. Those two were ranked ten and eight on the list of dirty-air cities. The other eight cities were all located in the golden state of California. The rankings were based on which cities have the worst year-round particle pollution, which comes from vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, and other sources.

Safe Route Development in Development in Shenandoah Valley

Walking or biking to school has obvious benefits for everyone: exercise and independence for the kids, less toxins in the air, and the parents don’t have to schlep their offspring around anymoI WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND! Schools and communities in the Shenandoah Valley are planning projects to make that happen through the federally funded Safe Routes to School Program. The Virginia Department of Transportation hosted a workshop in Fishersville, Va. to help school administrators and county planners tap into the $4.2 million the program will grant in the next year to make neighborhoods near schools more pedestrian friendly. VDOT is currently supporting 60 ongoing projects statewide. See, the transportation department isn’t all bad, right?


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