Daily Dirt: Outdoor News for March 26, 2013

Delaware Finally Does It

It’s hard not to feel bad for Delaware, especially with all the activity at the Supreme Court of equality this week. Poor little Delaware, the redheaded stepchild of America; the forgotten first state of this great nation, the disenfranchised native son, the only state in the union without a National Park Service presence…until now. On Monday, President Obama designated 1,100 acres of land between Wilmington and Philadelphia the First State National Monument, finally welcoming all 50 states into the National Park family. This will provide additional funding along with guaranteeing the land for future generations. During the same ceremony, President Obama also declared the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument on Maryland’s eastern shore, giving the mid-Atlantic a double whammy of national monuments to celebrate. So go ahead, celebrate Delaware. You deserve it.

Slow news day around here so we’ll let Delaware soak up some glory.

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