Florida woman attempts to smuggle an alligator in her yoga pants

When police officers in Florida pulled over a pickup truck after it blew through a stop sign in the middle of the night, they weren’t prepared for what they were about to find. The driver of the truck, Michael Cody Clemons, told officers that he and his girlfriend had been collecting frogs and snakes from under a nearby overpass. Possession of some types of wildlife is illegal in Florida, so the officer asked the couple to open their backpacks so he could see what had been collected.

Clemons girlfriend, Ariel Michelle Marchan-Le Quire, had 43 small turtles inside of her backpack. When the officer inquired if they’d collected anything else, Marchan- Le Quire then pulled a foot-long alligator from her yoga pants. The animals were seized and released back into the wild and the couple was cited for violating state wildlife laws

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