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Irresistible Slopes

A West Virginia couple has filed a lawsuit against Snowshoe Mountain Resort and its parent company Intrawest Corporation for “severe physical injuries and emotional distress” sustained while skiing Snowshoe’s Western Territory, home to black diamond slopes Cupp Run and Shay’s Revenge. The couple alleges the runs weren’t  maintained in a “reasonably safe condition,” but is also basing their lawsuit on the notion that Snowshoe lured them into the difficult terrain by a savvy marketing ploy. In it’s marketing materials, Snowshoe says, “The Western Territory, with 1,500’ of steeps to conquer, is where adrenaline junkies head to get their fix. With legendary Cupp Run, designed by Olympian Jean-Claude Kily, and Shay’s Revenge, with steeps of 52 percent and ‘mountain size’ moguls, even the most hardcore skiers and snowboarders have to take notice of these two beasts. Are you up to the challenge?”

 The couple claims they simply could not resist that challenge. Due to the mountain’s layout, in order to ski the Western Territory, the couple had to take a lift to the top of the mountain, take off their skis, cross a road to the other side of the mountain, and put their skis back on. Parties on both sides of the suit could not comment on the on-going litigation.

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