Outdoor Updates: Ancient tree discovered has rings that document the reversal of Earth’s magnetic field

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Ancient tree discovered in New Zealand has rings that document the reversal of Earth’s magnetic field

An ancient Agathis australis tree with rings that document the near-reversal of Earth’s magnetic field has been discovered on New Zealand’s north island. The tree, which measures 8 feet in diameter and 65 feet in length, was found buried under 26 feet of soil. Carbon dating shows that the tree was alive for 1,500 years and lived between 41,000 and 42,500 years ago.

The tree’s rings show a complete record of the near-reversal of Earth’s magnetic field. This is the first time that a tree documenting the full event has ever been found. Reversals in our planet’s magnetic field have been linked to extinction events. Scientists studying the tree say that it provides insight into what we might expect the next time we experience a reversal of Earth’s magnetic field. 

Meat has grown in space for the very first time

You might not eat a burger while orbiting around the cosmos anytime soon, but the scenario is now one step closer to becoming possible. For the first time ever, an Israeli company has successfully cultured lab-grown meat on the International Space Station, 248 miles above Earth. 

190-pound mastiff rescued while hiking in Utah

It’s not just people that find themselves in need of rescue while hiking. Case in point: a massive 190-pound mastiff named Floyd set out on a hike with his owner up Utah’s Grandeur Peak hiking trail on Sunday. The duo made it about two miles up the trail before Floyd’s owner called the local police department requesting help for the 3-year-old dog who “was not able to move.” 

Salt Lake County Search and Rescue officials responded to the call. The dog was loaded onto a stretcher and carried down the mountain. The rescue team wrote on their Facebook page that, “Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted.” 

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