Outdoor Updates: Clothing company Patagonia raises millions for outdoor organizations

Clothing company Patagonia raises millions for outdoor organizations

The outdoor apparel company Patagonia has raised over $10 million in donations for environmental organizations in the US and Europe in just over two weeks. The company is matching those donations, giving a total gift of $20 million to 1,043 grassroots environmental nonprofit organizations. Donations were made through Patagonia Action Works, a platform that connects the public with local grassroots organizations.

Patagonia plans to keep the donation period open until December 31, though they reached their $10 million pledge goal early on December 15. To date, Patagonia has donated more than $110 million to environmental nonprofits. 

Owl lived in Georgia family’s Christmas tree for weeks before discovery 

A family in Georgia brought home more than they bargained for when they bought a Christmas tree from a store a few days after Thanksgiving. Katie McBride Newman and her two children were finishing dinner one evening when her daughter, India, 10, exclaimed that an ornament on the tree had scared her. Newman is a fan of owls and has about a dozen owl ornaments on the tree, so she assumed India was upset over one of those. But when she went to check out the tree, she discovered a real owl perched in the branches. What’s more, it had likely been there for over a week.

The family left their doors and windows open that night hoping the owl would leave the house on its own. When it remained, they got in touch with Chattahoochee Nature Center, which advised to leave some raw chicken out for the owl. An employee of the nature center stopped by the following day and caught the owl, putting it in a crate in a darkened room. At dusk that evening, the family put the crate outside and the owl escaped into the darkness.

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission announces changes to licenses and fees

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission announced changes to its hunting, inland fishing and trapping licenses that will go into effect on January 1, 2020. The changes include:

All licenses that authorize inland fishing will now include the trout privilege.

All hunting and trapping licenses, with a few exceptions, will include the game lands privilege.

Establishes a new Resident Lifetime Trapping license.

Minor license fee adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index.

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