Outdoor Updates: Dirtbagging is Threatened

New Laws Targeting Vehicle Camping Could End Dirtbagging

Over the past few years, more and more iconic outdoor heros have been highlighted for their “dirtbag” living, making the idea of “van life” and staple in outdoor culture. With word spreading, #vanlife has blown up in the past few years, causing certain states to feel overwhelmed and dirtbagging to become threatened.

Cities and towns across North America are responding to the rapidly increasing numbers of people sleeping in their vehicles in restricted areas without having to pay for the privilege. Now, enforcement on historically ignored restrictions of where you and your vehicle can sleep is in play. Many places have made laws that decrease the amount of land available for parking and sleeping while others are starting to charge people.

Not all dirtbags are the same though. Some do it for fun and adventure while others do it to save money while working jobs in pricey locations. Considering there are many different reasons for people to practice the van lifestyle, bigger cities are experimenting with creating safe lots and selling overnight parking passes to businesses. Marc Peruzzi said for Outside, “Those kinds of initiatives will help, but a lot more needs to be done because the interest in car camping is surging. “

Greenville Purchases Land to Bring More Access to Outdoor Recreational Activities

Eastern Carolina is expanding space for outdoor adventure! In a press release, Greenville City Council announced that they recently bought land that they say will give people more access to outdoor recreational activities. The city was able to buy the property for $89,000 less than what it was appraised at. Mayor P.J. Connelly posted to Facebook over the weekend to break down the city’s recent purchase of more than 160 acres of land near the Tar River.

According to Connelly’s post, the general location is on the north side of the river if you’re heading north on Greenville Boulevard toward the Pitt County Fairgrounds. Connelly said the first phase of the development is for outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, biking, or even camping. He said there are also plans for a canoe or kayak launch in the lake for direct access to the Tar River.

Overall, people are excited for the new outdoor opportunities while others voiced their concerns about its effects on the area.

You’re Probably Recycling Wrong

Many of us want to do the environment good but are unsure how to do so properly. For example, when you recycle plastic water bottles, you need to remove the cap and the plastic ring thats left behind. You’re also not supposed to recycle disposable coffee cups at all. There is a thing plastic coating that prevents leaks making it that the cups can’t be recycled as paper or plastic.

People also tend to ignore the importance of washing things before you recycle them. Anything left in the containers can contaminate other recyclables and cause a pest outbreak in recycling facilities. One of the best things you can do is avoid purchasing plastic and disposable products. The National Waste and Recycling Association advises people to throw waste in the trash if they have any doubts about its recyclability.


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