Outdoor Updates: Last of the trapped crew members have been rescued

Photo of the Golden Ray posted by the USCG Southeast Coast Guard https://twitter.com/USCGSoutheast/status/1171403782716035073

Cargo ship carrying 4,000 vehicles tipped over and caught fire off the Georgia coast, trapping 24 crew members.

The U.S. Coast Guard was able to rescue 20 of the crew members in the initial chaos before sunrise on Sunday. The remaining 4 members onboard the Golden Ray were trapped for nearly a day due to dangerous conditions of the fire and the unstable cargo. The final member trapped was behind glass in a control room. Thanks to the Coast Guard’s efforts, they were eventually able to resuce all 24 crew members.

On Tuesday, with the rescue operation complete, the Coast Guard said its crews had “shifted focus to environmental protection and working w/salvage crews to remove the #GoldenRay. Currently no leaks from the vessel, only a light residual sheen. Protective measures were put in to place after the initial rescue.” The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the ship’s tipping.

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