Outdoor Updates: Mysterious Illness is Sickening Florida Panthers

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Mysterious Neurological Disorder is Sickening Florida Panthers

A mysterious neurological disorder that has stricken panthers and bobcats in the sunshine state over the past two months has increasingly raised concern over the past year. No one knows what causes it or if theirs a way to cure the already endangered animals.

In four counties in Florida, camera traps have recorded cats stumbling and collapsing to the ground in various stages of the illness. Based on what scientist are seeing in the footage, the disorder hits kittens the hardest.

State and federal wildlife officials are working to determine the root cause of the sickness and prevent a possible epidemic before it spreads. Florida wildlife officials are asking for the public’s help in figuring out what’s disabling wild cats in the state.

Submit observations at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Panther Sightings page.

Marathon Runner Rescues Drowning Man and Dog

Katie Kellner, 28, a member of the BAA racing team, was running part of the Boston Marathon course at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Brighton when she noticed a man and a dog in the water. Short after Kellner spotted them, the man’s head started bobbing and he began shouting for help.

Kellner threw off her running shoes and swam out to the man and dog, who both initially clung onto her. The weight of both of them was too much for Kellner which led her to make the difficult decision of pushing off the dog. The dog luckily began to swim back to shore as Kellner drug back the man. Kellner stayed with the man until EMT’s arrived to take him in for observation.

The man and dog are expected to be just fine thanks to Kellner, who not only became a hero but who also finished the remaining 5 miles of her run that same day.

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