Outdoor Updates: Stinky Thru-Hikers Removed from Airplane

Stinky thru-hikers removed from airplane because of their smell

On October 15, two Appalachian Trail thru-hikers were asked to leave their Frontier Airlines flight shortly after boarding because at least one of them had what crew members described as offensive body odor. The hikers had just finished their northbound hike and claim they had showered and were wearing clean clothes. The hikers were escorted off of the plane, given travel-sized toiletries and told that they could attempt to fly the following day.

Both the hikers and a representative of the airline told Outside that the hikers were flying on a buddy pass and that those traveling with these non-revenue generating tickets are held to a higher standard of hygiene. The hikers eventually found a friend in Boston who took them to a thrift store to buy new clothes and allowed them to shower. They made it on to another flight the following day.

“At Frontier Airlines we love the outdoors and welcome adventurers onboard our flights every day,” Zach Kramer, manager of corporate communications, told Outside in an email. “The comfort of our customers while onboard is always top of mind and our team will work with passengers to ensure everyone has an enjoyable flying experience on Frontier, including addressing any hygiene-related concerns that may affect fellow flyers.” 

Sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway remain closed after winter storm

Portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway are still closed following the Arctic blast that brought gusty winds, freezing temperatures and snow to WNC. The parkway is closed between Mile Marker 443 and Mile Marker 455.7 due to ice and snow and Mile Marker 367.5 to Mile Marker 375.7 because of ice and snow. The road is also closed between Mile Marker 344.2 and Mile Marker 355.5 because of debris and fallen trees. Further north, the parkway is closed between Mile Marker 234.1 and Mile Marker 242.3 because of ice and snow. In Virginia, the parkway is closed between Mile Marker 66.3 and Mile Marker 76.4 due to wintery weather.

The first winter weather of the season brought northwest winds between 30-40 mph, temperatures that plunged into the teens and 2-4 inches of snow to some parts of WNC.  

Pennsylvania high school student dead after falling while hiking

A seventeen-year-old high school student at Archbishop Carroll High School has died after falling off of a cliff at World’s End State Park in Sullivan County, PA. Luke DePiano was on a camping trip with his older brother and two cousins when the tragedy occurred. He was walking off-trail, through some underbrush, when he plunged 35-feet and sustained a catastrophic head injury. Neither DePiano nor anyone in his party had been to the park before.

“Luke was a talented and loving man, full of enthusiasm and promise,” school president Francis Fox told CBS 3. “The entire Carroll community mourns this deep loss and extends our support to the DePiano family.”

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