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Endangered Bats Face Mysterious Illness

The endangered Indiana bat—which hibernates in caves throughout the Blue Ridge region—is threatened by an unexplained new fungal illness called White Nose Syndrome. Biologists in...

Public Overwhelmingly Opposes Weakened Mountaintop Removal Regulations

No fewer than 43,000 Americans spoke out during the public comment period on a U.S. Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining (OSM) proposal...

Mercury Falling

New court ruling sets tougher pollution standards for coal-fired power plants

Hashes Hashes, Dust to Dust

When 84-year-old Stevie Wood died a few weeks ago in the United Kingdom, her family decided the outdoor enthusiast would be best celebrated with...

Line in the Sand

Beach driving jeopardizes endangered bird habitat on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

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