Quick Hits: Quicksand Entrapment in Zion National Park

Hiker trapped by quicksand in Zion National Park

A hiker from Arizona was crossing a creek in Zion National Park over the weekend when he became trapped in quicksand, officials say. The 34-year-old man was hiking up the left fork of North Creek when his leg sunk to the knee in quicksand.

He and his hiking companion tried to free his leg but were unsuccessful, so the companion set out for help, leaving the stuck man behind with warm gear and clothing. When search and rescue crews reached the man, he was in stable condition but showed signs of hypothermia and exposure.

It was late at night and snowing heavily by the time rescuers could free the man’s leg. When a break in the snow finally appeared, a helicopter was able to land and transport the man to an ambulance. He was then taken to a hospital. An update on his condition was not provided.

Mountain Valley Pipeline developers are under federal investigation

Mountain Valley Pipeline developers have confirmed that the pipeline is under criminal investigation for possible violations of the Clean Water Act and other federal laws.

EQM Midstream Partners, the lead company on the pipeline, disclosed the information in an annual report filed last Thursday.

Although the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has named the Mountain Valley Pipeline in enforcement actions, and in a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Mark Herring that alleges more than 300 violations of erosion and sediment control measures, this disclosure is the first confirmation of a criminal investigation.

Despite the regulatory and legal issues, company officials say the project is still on schedule to be completed by the end of the year.

80-pound dog attacks runner a mile from half marathon finish line

Runner Julie Stackhouse was in third place in the Donna Half Marathon, a race east of Jacksonville, Florida, when an 80-pound bull terrier mix attacked her about a mile from the finish line.

Stackhouse was running at an impressive 6:30 pace when an aggressive, snarling, barking dog came right at her. “It was coming to attack,” Stackhouse told Runners World. “I knew right away.” The unleashed dog bumped Stackhouse on the leg, causing her to stumble. When it tried to bite her face, Stackhouse moved her left arm up in protection and the dog bit her arm.

It was then that the people Stackhouse believes were the dog’s owners pinned the animal, allowing Stackhouse to run away. Stackhouse crossed the finish line and then passed out and was taken to the medical tent where police heard her story and went to find the dog. Stackhouse was taken to the ER where she received 6 stitches.

Police found the owners, confirmed the dog’s rabies vaccinations, and issued a citation. “I’m a dog lover,” Stackhouse told Runners World. “This was just a freak situation where an aggressive dog wasn’t leashed.”

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