NewswireShenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area?

Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area?

Shenandoah Mountain is a 75-mile long mountain that helps form the border of the famous Shenandoah Valley. A large chunk of the mountain–115,000 acres within the George Washington National Forest that includes Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness and an unusually high concentration of roadless areas–is being bookmarked by environmental and recreational groups for a potential National Scenic Area.


The proposed Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area offers a network of 150 miles of hiking, equestrian, and mountain biking trails, including the Wild Oak National Recreational Trail and the Shenandoah Mountain Trail, which is part of the new Great Eastern Trail.


Friends of Shenandoah, the organization behind the proposal, hopes to halt road construction and windmill development within the proposed area. Currently, there’s no federal legislation proposed to create the national scenic area.


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