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There’s Karl!

Karl Meltzer is back on the trail after taking four days off from his A.T. speed record attempt due to severe tendonitis. The injury was a result of Meltzer altering his running style due to a case of painful trench foot brought on by the ridiculously wet conditions in Maine (10 continuous days of hard rain).

Metlzer is determined to finish running the A.T., but because of the hiatus, he will need to average near-60-mile days for the remainder of his journey–a feat never before done by an ultra runner attempting the A.T. speed record.

As if his record attempt isn’t packed with enough drama, a heated debate has broken out on Metzler’s website. Forum users are using Meltzer’s run to hash out the classic “hike your own hike” arguments. It seems some hikers take offense to Meltzer sleeping in an R.V. every night, putting on fresh clothes in the morning, and continuously plugging his sponsors through his web updates.

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