Volunteer Vacations

Forget fruity drinks on a beach side resort. Spend this year’s vacation time getting dirty in the woods. The American Hiking Society recently released its 2008 list of Volunteer Vacations, which encourages hikers and trail advocates across the country to spend a week in the woods sprucing up their favorite footpath.

This year’s schedule offers 75 different projects in 25 states, so you can stay in the region and help build the John Muir Trail in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area of Tennessee (June 1) or head west and help clean up wildfire damage in the Lost Creek Wilderness in Colorado (July 12-20). Other projects in the Blue Ridge include work on the Palmetto Trail in South Carolina and the new Great Eastern Trail in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

For a complete list of Volunteer Vacations visit www.americanhiking.org.

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