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Water, Hold the Cancer

Nalgene, producer of reusable plastic water bottles popular with outdoor athletes, has introduced a new line of bottles that are free of the potentially dangerous chemical Bispheonol-A (BPA). A number of studies have suggested that residues from the chemical BPA, which is in virtually all canned foods and plastic containers, could potentially leach into the food and water stored inside those containers. Scientists and the plastic industry still debate over how dangerous BPA could be, but certain studies suggest the chemical could increase cancer rates, infertility, and hyperactivity in children.

Nalgene’s new “Everyday” line of bottles are made with Eastman Tritan Copolyester instead of BPA. Check the bottom of your Nalgene bottle to see if it is made with BPA. If there is a number 7 in the center, the bottle contains the potentially dangerous chemical.

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