NewswireWill Blue Mean Green?

Will Blue Mean Green?

Here’s a quick update on how the eco candidates highlighted in Blue Ridge Outdoors’ October issue fared last night.

In North Carolina Kay Hagan (D) trumped incumbent candidate Elizabeth Dole (R) in the Senate, and bike-riding social studies teacher Larry Kissell (D) surprisingly defeated six-term congressman Robin Hayes (R) for a House seat in the state’s eighth district.

In Maryland’s fourth district Donna Edwards (D) received 85 percent of the vote to keep her seat, while Frank Katovil (D) is in a virtual lock with incumbent Andy Harris (R) in the first. 


In Virginia’s fifth congressional district Tom Perriello (D) and six-term incumbent Virgil Goode (R) are also in a race that is still too close to call and will probably require a recount.

Some candidates with the worst environmental records in the Southeast were able to hold on to their seats including Kentucky Senator Micth McConnell (R), South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R), and Georgia congressman Jack Kingston (R).

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