World Athletics Indoor Championships postponed due to Coronavirus

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World Athletics Indoor Championships postponed due to Coronavirus

The World Athletics Indoor Championships, a biennial indoor track and field competition, which was originally scheduled from March 13-15 in Nanjing, China, has been tentatively rescheduled for March 2021 because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

“We know that China is doing all it can to contain the  new coronavirus and we support them in all their efforts,” World Athletics said in a press release, “but it is necessary to provide our athletes, member federations, and partners with a clear way forward in what is a complex and fast-moving set of circumstances.”

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Wild tigers in Laos believed to be extinct

A five-year camera survey of Laos’ Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area turned up no evidence of wild tigers, leading researchers to believe that the cat is now extinct in the country. While the survey found no evidence of tigers, it did find wide-reaching evidence of snares, which are designed to trap and kill animals. 

“One person can set hundreds or even thousand of snares, which kill indiscriminately and are inhumane for anything that is captured,” Akchousanh Rasphone, lead author of the study, told Scientific America. The last healthy population of Indochinese tiger remains in Thailand, which has about 189 tigers left in the wild. 

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Canadian teens survive a cold night outdoors by burning their homework

Two teenage snowboarders survived a night in the great outdoors after they failed to return from a day of snowboarding at Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson, British Columbia. The boys spent a night under the stars with temperatures in the low teens, before they were located and airlifted to safety the next day.

According to CNN, the boys kept warm by building a shelter and starting a fire with homework they had in their backpack. The heat generated from their burning schoolwork kept the boys warm. Both were reportedly in good health after the incident. 

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