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Gear to Get Going in the New Year

schwinn bike

It’s a new year, filled with promise and a full plate of outdoor activities. Here are our picks for the best gear to get you revved up and ready to get out there after the holidays. 

Outdoor Research Exit Sensor Glove

Outdoor Research
Exit Sensor Glove

These unisex warmers will keep your digits cozy—and thus keep you outside—all winter long. Made with a mix of OR’s Alpin-Wool (a blend of wool, polyester, and nylon) and a synthetic palm, the gloves are ideal for Instagrammers and photographers who want to operate their devices no matter the conditions—the thumb and index fingertip feature touch-screen sensor material. $59;

schwinn bike

Coston DX

The time of the e-bike is here, and Schwinn’s latest batch of commuter cruisers are both reliable and nicely priced. With both pedal-assist power and a throttle option, this ride (which comes in both standard and step-through options) gets you out there, hitting speeds up to 20 mph (legal on most bike paths) and running about 45 miles on a charge (depending on the terrain and power option you choose). It will replace your car for everything from trips to the store (so much less hassle than a vehicle and faster than a manual bike) to close-to-home commutes to casual rides. $2,000;

Hemp Denim Chore Coat

Patagonia has made a big commitment to industrial hemp (which contains less than .3% THC and can now be grown legally in the U.S.) in its workwear collection for good reasons. The fabric is incredibly tough and surprisingly comfy in light of its burliness. It’s also sustainable since it does not require lots of water and survives tough conditions. This snazzy hemp denim coat proves ideal for the rigors of car camping, farm work, and even just hanging out at the cafe. $179;

Hults Bruk
Agdor 20 Splitting Axe

There’s a Zen saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” While you ponder that koan, we suggest you chop that wood with this small, well-balanced axe from Sweden made just for the purpose of getting that wood down to size for your campfire or wood stove. $124;

Scarpa Rush Trail GTX

Trail GTX

This do-it-all shoe melds the DNA of a trail runner with a light hiker to create our favorite kick for adventure, no matter the season, pace, or terrain. It’s most in its element when you are scrambling up rowdy Blue Ridge summits at a fast pace, but just as comfortable on casual hikes. A sock fit keeps out debris and the sole sticks to rocky terrain and loose roots. $139;

Hiking Pant

It’s no secret that women are at a disadvantage when it comes to peeing outdoors. No longer. SheFly has busted through that barrier with these clever, good looking hiking pants that feature an extra zipper that makes it easy to relieve yourself without pulling down your pants. $168;

Ancient Grain

Straight out of Oregon, these energy bars put sustainability front and center. Produced in a solar-powered factory and featuring a compostable wrapper, the certified-organic vegan bars pack a nutritional punch and taste yummy. Our favorite flavors are the lemongrass cherry and coffee maple cacao. $33 for 12 pack, 

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