Mountain Khakis Camber 107

Mountain Khakis Camber 107 Review: That time I wore my Mountain Khakis to a strip club and realized how great these pants are.

I don’t get a lot of opportunity to test gear under a black light. When was the last time you were camping, or mountain biking or skiing and someone whipped out a black light and a Pink Floyd poster? It doesn’t happen. But in the middle of a recent trip, I found myself in one of those clubs where women dance on stages. I was, um, asking for directions. I also happened to be wearing these Camber 107s, and they lit up like the night sky in Alaska. Beautiful, shiny flecks of light. Because they were dirty. Because I’d been wearing them for about a week straight, in all kinds of situations. Hiking. Shopping. Biking. More hiking. Playing in the leaves with the kids. More biking. Bar hopping. More biking. Supporting the arts. That’s the beauty of these pants, they’re built to handle the trail and the town.

Mountain Khakis is known for making pants that last, and the Camber 107s look durable as hell, like a crusty pair of Carhartts that are supposed to be worn hard while performing tasks with hammers. Everything on them is triple stitched, and the heel cuffs are reinforced with “Mudflaps” so they don’t fray. Burly.

You can beat these pants up, and I have. Over the last couple of months, I put them through the ringer, both in the field and around town. Based on their appearance, I expected them to withstand that beating, but I didn’t expect them to be so comfortable. They’re made of 97% cotton canvas and 3% spandex, which provides just enough stretch to the fabric to actually make them useful on the trail. The knees are also “pre-articulated,” so there’s plenty of movement at the joints for thinks like biking and climbing. They even look boss while hitting that bar near the trailhead. Or the strip club in the middle of town. Just wash them before you find yourself under black lights.

Bonus: Each pair comes with a Bison Bottle Opener Keyring.

Double Bonus: There’s a pocket on the right thigh that’s actually big enough to fit an iPhone 6+.

Mountain Khaki Camber 107 Pants $69.95


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