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Outfit Your Dog for the Great Outdoors

Pets make some of the best outdoor adventure partners: they’ll keep you motivated, will get excited about all your ideas, and make great listeners all the while down the trail.

But for all the gear that you gather for yourself, it can be hard to prep your pup in the same way for a safe and comfortable trip into the wild. These new products will help you outfit your dog for the great outdoors so that no bark gets left behind.

S_MuckCollar_greenStripes_zen (1)Kurgo Muck Collar

Your dog may love to get dirty, but Kurgo lessens the impact with a collar that says no to all the byproducts of an adventurous day. The Muck Collar wipes clean of any dirt and moisture that crop up along the trail, and prevents odors and bacteria from sinking into the protective material. Plus, the attached bottle opener can really come in handy when playtime winds down around the fire.


Tru-Fit Smart Harness With Camera Mount

Catch all your adventures on film by letting your dog take a turn with the GoPro! This Tru-Fit harness comes with a special mount on the chest or back for outdoor action cameras. Five adjustment points keep dogs snug and comfy on the job.


Kurgo Zippy Bowl

After an active day following you through the great outdoors, your dog will want to lap up the whole ocean. With the Kurgo Zippy Bowl, you’ll always be prepared for when your four-legged companion needs some liquid fuel. This bowl holds up to 48 oz. of water, and folds up small to fit in any pocket or pack in between uses. Bring the Zippy Bowl along for your next trip, and you’ll never have to worry about a thirsty dog again.

mtbachelor-padRuffwear Mt. Bachelor Pad

There’s nothing like snuggling up on a big comfy bed, even if it is in the back of an SUV, and the Mt. Bachelor Pad from Ruffwear will fit the bill for your dog no matter where you go. This durable travel bed gives dogs a comfortable place to dream of chasing rabbits, even on trips to the slopes or the beach. The bed rolls tight, cleans easily, stands up to wear and tear, and keeps pets warm and comfortable. Sizes M and L available.


Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie

No one likes to go hungry on the trail, and your pup is no exception. Ruffwear makes it convenient to keep dogs full and happy with the Kibble Kaddie, an extremely durable portable pet food container. The grease-proof carrier holds up to 42 cups of kibble but also packs down small when empty. Food stays dry with a roll-top closure system and features a magnetic side chute for pouring.

Kurgo Loft Jacket

Loft_JacketRain jackets keep us warm and happy when the weather takes a turn for the worse, so chances are that your dog would like one too. The Kurgo Loft Jacket boasts a quilted and reversible shell, made waterproof using nylon Ripstop material. Reflective piping keep pets visible, and zippers make collars and leashes easily accessible. Through wind, rain, and snow, the Loft Jacket will protect your pup! Sizes XS-XL and colors Blue/Orange and Green/Grey available.

Hamilton Reflective Dog Collar Stack

Hamilton Reflective Collars and Leashes

Dogs like to roam, and this collection lets your pets make their own way through the dark without fading from sight. Reflective threads weave through the striped patterns to help dogs stay safe after sunset. Grab a Hamilton collar or leash, and you’ll have no problem keeping an eye on your pet no matter where the trail leads.

Kurgo Skipping Stones

skipping_stonesTake a game of fetch to the next level with Kurgo Skipping Stones, and create some fun for both you and your dog! These floating stones are perfectly shaped with a flat  bottom and slim design to easily skim across the water. Replace your old ball with these Skipping Stones to hone your skills while giving your dog a good run. The stones come in bright colors for visibility in the water, have a natural stone shape for the ideal toss, and are sealed tight to prevent waterlogging. Kurgo Skipping Stones will bring a new touch to any shoreline.

gandhi leashD-fa Dogs Gandhi Leash

The Gandhi Leash from D-fa Dogs takes after its namesake and brings peace to your daily walk. Strong webbing paired with a built-in bungee cord give this leash the perfect amount of stretch when needed, and a shortening buckle keeps trouble at bay in busier areas. The Gandhi Leash replaces the traditional collar hook with a swiveling, locking carabiner that allows dogs to move more freely, yet securely. Plus, you’ll never be caught unprepared when your dog takes a bathroom break – this leash comes with an integrated stuff sack for poop bags, or for treats. Trust the Gandhi Leash to make any canine activity more enjoyable.

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