GEARReview: Ibex Ace Shirt

Review: Ibex Ace Shirt

As active people, the majority of the time we are clad in wetsuits, base layers, spandex, and parkas. You’re more likely to find chalk on our hands than dress shoes on our feet. It finally seems spring/summer is here which means more adventure, grill outs, and post ride/hike beers. I’m all for slapping on a tee shirt, but certain occasions call for a little more class. For said cultured occasions we have the shirt for you, it’s called the Ace and it’s from none other than Ibex.

You probably know Ibex for their incredible base layers, outer layers, tights, and cycling clothes. They also have an incredible line of more lifestyle items like the Ace Shirt and more, most of which are made of merino wool. I love my other Ibex items for their quality, fit, and feel, so the bar was set high for the Ace Shirt. Over the course of the last five weeks I’ve worn the shirt to cook outs, bars, fancy restaurants, casual restaurants, hiking, biking, on a JRA (just riding around), to bed, and about everywhere in between. I can confidently say the shirt can handle it all.

Ibex took the classic short sleeve button up and added their own unique touches to it. First off it is made of 100% Merino Wool, has two front flap pockets, classy metal buttons throughout, is machine washable, and has yoke and seam details. The shirt doesn’t bunch up in any areas nor does it ride up in the back. They really put some thought into the fit as it was great not only hanging out, but also huffing it up a trail and riding a bike. Now you may be thinking that since it is wool that you will be sweating bullets, but to the contrary the shirt breathes much better than traditional cotton offerings. I really can’t even begin to count the number of compliments I received on this button up. People across the board loved the color, the look, and the feel. Guys were asking about it and where they could buy one, and girls were asking the same so they could buy one for their boyfriends. Heck, my dad doesn’t know it yet but my mom ordered him one. Dress it up with a pair of slacks or dress down with your favorite shorts and Chaco’s, it’s your choice.

I am 6’1” and 163 pounds and went with a medium. The fit is spot on. I opted for the Pond color, but the shirt also comes in Black and Rope. At $115 the shirt is in line with other high quality offerings from competitors, and is well worth it. Buy yourself the Ibex Ace shirt and wow your friends at the next get together.

Ibex; $115

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