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The New Yakima SUPPup Paddle Board Carrier – The Widest SUP Rack on the Market

Looking for the easiest way to get your SUP or surfboard from home to the water? Look no further than the Yakima SUPPup Paddle Board Carrier.

This simple rack keeps your SUP or surfboard out of the trunk and safely secured to your vehicle’s roof using your existing Yakima cross bars. Initially, I was impressed with how easy it was to install the rack on my existing bars and then equally impressed with how easy the carrier is to use. SUPPup Image 1Loading and unloading your boards is now a breeze.

The carrier comes with paddled cradles that protect the board as well as guide straps that keep the board secure, which is especially important for longer trips or travel at highway speeds. Another benefit is that the rack can accommodate multiple boards — meaning that you can carpool with your crew without having the boards sticking out the back of your Subaru.

The adjustable feature of the rack means that it is also able to easily accommodate boards of various widths — up to 34 inches, the widest rack on the market.

Yakima has once again found a way to make sporting life easier and more convenient, thanks to the SUPPup Paddle Board Carrier. If you are frustrated with trying to shoe horn your board into your vehicle, consider this rack to reduce the hassle and up the fun.

This carrier also fits most round, square, aero and factory-direct bars. (MSRP $159)

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