Handstand Training

Want to strengthen the key paddling muscles on dry land? Try handstand training. Not just for circus freaks anymore, handstands strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core. Check out these simple wall-based handstand exercises from Kevin Yount, professional river boarder, and certified fitness instructor.

Side Wall Walks
Kick into a handstand against the wall with your hands spread wide on the floor. Move your right hand to match your left hand, then right foot to match your left foot. Then move your left hand and foot to a wide stance again. Continue this process until you walk five feet along the wall to your left, then reverse it.

Wall Walking
Start with your feet against the wall near the floor and your hands on the ground, like an elevated push up. Walk your hands toward your feet and your feet up the wall until you’re nearly vertical. Then walk your hands away from the wall until you’re in the inverted push up position again.

Handstand Hold
Kick into a handstand against a wall, so that your body is nearly vertical. Hold it for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat.

Head Over Heels: Watch video of handstand training here.

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