Three men to cross Lake Erie on paddle boards

Yesterday morning three men set out to paddleboard across Lake Erie to raise money for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, a non-profit that studies algae blooms and works to protect the ecosystem of the Great Lakes. The paddleboarders will travel 80 miles carrying all of their own supplies while fighting exhaustion and the threat of hypothermia.

But this isn’t their first paddle, so to speak. The men have successfully paddleboarded across three of the five Great Lakes. In 2015, they traversed Lake Michigan, raising money for the Great Lakes Alliance. In 2017 they crossed Lake Huron, fundraising for Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. In 2018 the men tackled Lake Superior, raising money for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. “Our overall goal is to help keep the Great Lakes awesome,” said one of the paddlers, Jeff Guy. “Our hope is that people will join us in donating to this great cause.”