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Journey Down the Shenandoah 050209

Do to the looming bad weather for tomorrow, we are going to try and complete the rest of the journey today. There are about a dozen miles to go. We can certainly finish that today. Now that everything is dry and with a good nights sleep, we feel we can finish this journey before the weather gets bad again. After being rained on a few times and having to camp in the rain, I am going to try and avoid any more rain. So today should be the day of the journey's end.

Along the way, I seen some great scenery. The Shenandoah Valley is a great place to live. We are all fortunate to be in such a place as this. If everyone could take care of there property, help clean up, volunteer with one of the many organizations that look after the river and valley or just be someone who can do some small part in caring for what we have here, then we can help preserve this great treasure that we call the Shenandoah River and Valley.

Thanks for following along with the blog. After the end of the journey, I will add some more images that I made along the way and show everyone some of the great views I had the privilege to witness. I would also like to thank, all the people who helped, family, friends and the property owners that allowed me to camp along the way.

It has been a great journey and I will show some more photos from the trip as I will be able to have time to edit through the thousand or so images collected along the way. Even though the journey nears its end, there will be more postings to the blog later. Thanks again....
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End of the Day

This photo is near the end of the day when it finally stopped raining and the sun came out with a little blue sky.
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Drying Out

We have been in the rain for a couple days and everything is soaking wet. We decided to go back to the house for the night and dry everything then start at dawn the next day. My wife picked up John and I at the boat ramp. Nina and Carmen come down to help secure the canoe and unload the gear. As we begin to unload, Nina comments that we smell like dirty, wet dogs. I try to give my daughter a hug and she says no because I smell and need a shower, clean clothes before any hugs.

I tell her, "What you smell Carmen, is the smell of discovery." She tells me she's not buying it and I still need a shower.

Even though there has been some rainy days lately, we have been able to keep to the schedule. We have finished Virginia today and entered into West Virginia. It looks like I will be able to keep to my original finish of Sunday, May 3 at the Potomac Wayside probably around 4pm.

The Potomac Wayside is where one takes out of the Potomac. The parking lot for the Wayside is located at the Route 340 bridge crossing the Potomac River from Maryland to Virginia. The parking lot and take out is on the Virginia side.

On this journey, I have seen some great scenery and wildlife. I have also seen lots of trash along the way and picked up what I could. It would be nice if everyone could be responsible with there trash but I guess there will always be those few people who don't care. The river we play in, fish in, float on, farm with and drink from is all we have and its condition needs to improve since we depend on it.

The photo is of Bullskin Run just before it reaches the Shenandoah River. It is raining at the time but with an umbrella, I am able to do some, but limited, photography.

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Journey Down the Shenandoah042609

Day 10 - Strasburg

Today is Sunday and it is hot on the river. A good day to be at the river and there are many people scattered along this stretch of the journey enjoying the river in boats, canoes, kayaks, tubes, rafts or by fishing, swimming or just relaxing.

Because of the more people around there was less wildlife. Clouds started to move in by the afternoon making the lighting better for scenics. I have an image of a group of turtles and the railroad bridge with Signal Knob in the background.

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Journey Down the Shenandoah 042609

I just want to give a quick thanks to the Friends of the North Fork for a great dinner and cold drinks at their annual meeting. Thanks to everyone at the group for what you all are doing and to the members that help support them and all the volunteers.

I am back out for another day and this time it is to Strasburg or swamp....
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