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The Next Big Thing

Predicting the future is a hard thing to do. Mark Twain refused to invest $5,000 in the telephone because he thought it wasn’t practical. In 1927, H.M. Warner of Warner Brothers Studios said talking movies were a fad. Decca Recording Company rejected the Beatles in 1962, saying “guitar music is on the way out.” For every Nostradamus, there’s a Lord Kelvin, the British scientist at the turn of the 20th century who said radio had no future, flying machines were impossible, and the X-ray was a hoax.

Chattooga River

A kayaker rides "the bull"—the class-IV rapid Bull Sluice—on the Chattooga River. The 57-mile, free-flowing Chattooga River plunges south from the Nantahala Mountains.

Outdoor Disneyland; New Charlotte Whitewater Park Offers More Than World-Class Paddling

If getting a new boat is like getting a new toy, then getting a world-class whitewater park is like your dad building a replica of Disney World in your backyard. Paddlers across the Southeast are excited about Charlotte’s U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC), which is scheduled to open in June.

Fear and Loathing In Southern Appalachia

What luck! A bluebird Saturday morning, good friends, a great stream on a no-drytop day with highs in the 70s expected...

Conquering Fear of Open Water Swims

The open water swim—we’ve all been afraid of it at some point. You worry about what’s in the brown murky water. You’re spooked about completing the distance without a wall to hang on. You also imagine folks kicking or hitting you... Here are five helpful hints to help you face your fears and improve your open water swimming:

By Gauley! Classic Runs and Timely Tips for Gauley Season

It’s September, and that most Blue Ridgy of Blue Ridge paddlesports diversions is upon us: Gauley Season! This is when boaters from Alabama to Ontario make their annual pilgrimage to the bustling metropolis of Summersville, WV...