Switchback Results: Fracking and River Travel

Do you like having relatively cheap power? If you do, then you should think twice about supporting idealist laws. Some people need to think about the consequences of restricting energy companies from obtaining energy we all rely on. —Matt, Richmond, Va.

We need jobs and energy independence. Regulate it. Do it right. But don’t ban it. —Sid, W.Va.

Best way to travel downriver?

Kayak: 63% Kayaking gives me a good workout while spending time on the water. —Mary Mahmoodian, Herndon, Va.


Canoe: 22% I feel closer to the water and more natural in a primitive canoe. —Gene O’Reilly,  Roanoke, Va.

My canoe enables me to enjoy a nice quiet float on the water with the kids. —Daryl, Houston, Tex.


Raft: 13% One of the highlights of my year is my annual whitewater rafting trip on West Virginia’s Gauley River. There’s nothing like howling with excitement next to my four best friends as we pound through epic class-V rapids. —Barry Swensen, Dayton, Ohio


Stand-Up Paddleboard: 2%
More people are starting to experience the versatility of stand-up paddleboards for water exploration. In addition to getting an amazing core workout, I’m able to troll through the best of mountain lakes and rivers with a pretty sweet view.
—Alex Hickson, Bethesda, Md.

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